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June 4
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.::Ember Ref 2014::. by Kalza .::Ember Ref 2014::. by Kalza

Guess who’s still practicing drawing anthro better? Yup, me, and who has an updated ref? Yep, Ember, she’s been needing one BAAAAAD, like, no joke. So here’s an updated ref of her WITH color blobs. Now I would like to point out, most of her info is actually my own info, since I want to make her more like me, but her story however is in a different universe than mine, however, I use her as my fursona in this universe as well as a self representative. I’d also like to point out, I am NOT A FURRY!!! I hate it when people automactically lable people as ‘furries’ for having a fursona. That is NOT true; we just like to have an animal character that represents us, but we are not furries. AND SHE IS NOT A SCENE/SPARKLE DOG!! She just happens to have EMO-ish hair and a weird fur/blood color. She has always had blue fur and emo hair ever since her first design, and I don’t want to change it. She’s not scene, so don’t even lable her as one. She’s also not a canine, she’s a species I made up that is not in the canine family. And her weird blood is a reference to Homestuck, because why the hell not? Plus, there are other fandoms with weird blood colors other than Homestuck, so it’s not a one fandom idea.

Also, since MOST people forgot her ear stuff, I removed them, so now she has her basic fernex ears. And her blood color is actually part of her species, so technically she’s a made-up creature. And another thing, her eyes are normal, since the eyes she had last time made her look blind -_-‘ and her normal form is the anthro form; she’s only in her feral form for fandoms where she’d have to be feral. I might make a human ref of her later, but here’s her anthro ref. Also, my fellow Homestucks might've noticed I changed her God Tier (mine as well) class to thief. Why? Because, it suits her a lot better than a seer. She's still void though ^^

If there is any information I left out, I’ll add later

Name-Ember Spirit

Nickname- Ember, Emby, or Embs

Age-19 (young adult)

Birthday-December 13th

Year of Birth-1995

Zodiac- Sagittarius

Patron troll (Homestuck)- Terezi

(Homestuck)God Tier- Thief of Void, she used to be a seer, but the thief class fits her better

Birthplace- Kingdom of Orane`


Political view- conservative, sorta independent though.

Height-short; 5’4 normal, 1’5 feral

Hair Color-longish, black with cerulean tips (matches blood color). Hair goes over her eyes with two long strands in the front and two strands sticking up in the back. The longest part of her hair is in the front, but shorter in the back.

Fur Color-charcoal black with darker colored markings and a light blue secondary color

Personality-she has a bipolar sort of personality, she can be friendly, humorous, and very open one second and the next, moody, sarcastic and serious (bitchy). Generally she always looks tired (doesn’t get enough sleep) and rather shy (more like, anti-social) around new people, but one she opens up to them…well, her positive personality

Flaws-she's judgmental, opinionative, sensitive, a little shy/antisocial around people, can be a bit grumpy at times, and can be slightly slow. She always wants to make certain of what someone says to her to every last detail, so she doesn’t mess up, and has a bad habit of swearing and spacing out sometimes (from being so tired).

Gender- female (cisgender, and for those who don’t know what cisgender means, it means the gender she was assigned at birth/born in)

s**ual ID-asexual (NOT sexually attracted towards any gender), but would prefer men better than women. She’s currently a virgin

Special ability- she can steal someone’s abilities and use them while draining the person of their power, so it’s not constant, though she prefers shadow and energy powers. HOWEVER, she cannot steal powers from those with a god complex, only mid level powers. She doesn’t steal people’s powers as much, and has only had a few abilities. Currently though, stealing stuff from her thoughts (similar to her god tier, she steals nothing)

Eye Color-blue


Body- average built, not very heavy and not very thin. Her breast size is rather small (if any of you were curious. PLEASE DON’T DRAW HER WITH A STRIPPER’S CHEST!! Just, ugh >.<)

Siblings-she has an older brother and a younger brother

Current Residence- With 'The Outsiders'

Moirail- Germaine

Matesprit- John (actual BF)

Married-not yet, hopefully.How did they meet- we met on the elementary school bus

Relationship-loving/strong bond

Do they fight-yes...who doesn’t?

Current Occupation- a thief and fighter for 'The Outsiders' in the story, but in this world, a lonely unemployed high school graduate with a tumblr account.

Clothes- wears men’s clothes that are bigger than her own size, and baggy PJ bottoms. She does wear jeans sometimes. Her wardrobe varies, but usually a black shirt with a design on it (batman logo, her zodiac sign, ect) and also wears a libra hoodie when it’s cold. But when her hoodie is dirty, she wears a normal black t-shirt with a grey and dark blue striped long-sleeved shirt underneath. She also wears black converse shoes.

She also cosplays.

Weaknesses-chocolate/candy, cute things, energy drinks, harm to her friends, coffee ice cream, energy drinks, and men she finds attractive (not to the point where she develops a crush on them)

Obsession/Addiction-she does have a huge love for caffiene...

Traits- ferret-like markings, huge always lowered ears, unusual blood color (common in her species), and weird secondary fur.

Likes- drawing, reading, hanging out with friends, surfing the web, exploring, trying new things, anime, Vocaloid, cute things, stuffed animals, cosplaying, various fandoms, watching people play video games (not much of a gamer), Minecraft, memes, and sleeping in a nice air conditioned room

Hates- mean people, hot summer days, vehicles (noisy, smelly machines), math, gross things, arrogant liberals (*coughcoughtumblrcough*), just politics in general, social justice whiners, vegans (NOT vegetarians, they’re okay), waking up too early, period cramps, MLP, yaoi, and poodles...ugly dogs

Enemies-made quite a few, probably some who’ve been reading this ref

Fav Color-blue, teal, black, and grey

Fav Type of Music- any kind but no jazz, some country and rap

Theme song- Numb- Marina and the Diamonds

art, fernexes, and Ember are © mine

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ashleg4ever Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
Hopey Doritos, Tater!! Your anthro art has hella improved!! I ADORE the way you color, too!! :3
CRYIN because I rlly love how you've done her hairrrrr~ <3
<<to be frank, though, if you know a bit about the scene kid/emo culture, it dosent really look to be either((it's not got enough volume to be scene)), so I think your safe, haha!! It is a little emoish, as you say, but not overly XD>>


she and Pyris have a similar build too, haha, if they met they could probably share clothes xD Small chested broads ftw xD

That reminds me I need to draw up my fursona's referances... Hm.
Kalza Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you ^^ I've been practicing and stuff XD plus I've got some references to help ^^

well her hair looks kinda scene-ish, since her hair is kind of big and has two strands, but not big enough to be EXACTLY scene

yes, ACE buddies XD

You should ^^ I'd love to see it =D
ashleg4ever Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Haha, well all the practice has certainly paid off!! :3 

trueeeee..... I don't know, maybe she's got a borderline scene but in denial haircut xD I'm kiddin, of course, but yeah, you have a point. Plus the colors in her hair are kindaaaaaa scene so idk

WOOOOOOOOOOOT!! :iconsuperw00tplz: 

ooooooooo I'll have to see it I can get them done then, haha!! I have like, seven to do though what even?? When did I get that many fursonas what. 
Kalza Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yup ^^

it's probably the colors and the fact how poofish her bangs are XD


hence why I stick to one fursona or two fursonas XD
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow you truly have improved my friend! :clap: this looks amazing! 

oh and for nicknames, you forgot Embles :D 

I need to update some refs of mine... not to mention create some for existing characters who have none! ^^;  poor things, so neglected that they are. unfortunately i feel a bout of lazy coming on whenever i try to pump myself up to draw planned things haha at least i have all summer! 
Kalza Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you ^^

I don't like using Embles enough to make it a nick name though

my excuse for lack of ref art is being too busy and a not working scanner
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
whyyyyyyyy-uhhhhhh??? Embles is a great nickname! its like karkles!

lol mine would be that excuse too as i have no scanner with me on this trip 

omg i saw this and couldn't stop laughing...…
Kalza Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's too long D:

ahh. My dad has the camera, so I have to ask him for it when I have sketches done

OMG, I remember this XD thought this video is not HS related, it reminds me of a certain anime you enjoy:…
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:grump: is not. 

oh... tough luck :T 

wooooooooooooooooo!!!! thank you!!! that was funny! :D 
Kalza Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay, we can only use for special occasions, but not enough to be an official nick name XD

well, I temporarily have it in my room since my dad won't be using it any time soon XD

figured you'd like it ^^ saw that on tumblr, and all the reblogged comments on it all had one thing in common: Hetalia, once I watched it, they weren't kidding XD
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